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To say we live in Turbulent Times is stating the blindingly obvious. You need to move fast. To capitalize on who you know and the innovations you can leverage now. To find that thread out of the abyss and back into prosperity.

You survived the first downturn. But credit is still tight and your customers themselves are still finding their bearings. You know this is the time for quick action, to be as ready as possible for the surge coming very soon.


Our Rapid Innovation Program was designed with precisely these kinds of times in mind. We begin with a quick but thorough inspection of your current business situation and product/service strategy. We assess operational issues related to processes, people, and organizational effectiveness. We quickly help you define an enhanced strategic focus for your organization -- and then show you the way to achieve even more powerful long-term strategic transformation for your business. Click to learn more about our Rapid Innovation Program.

Who We Are

STRANOVA is a consulting service focussed entirely on helping companies achieve their highest possible potential as strategic innovators.

In our over 30 years of experience, we have led numerous startups from concept phase to full production in record time, created product and service strategies which changed industries, directed multiple business turnarounds, were personally granted 27 patents to date, and delivered literally billions of dollars of revenue for the companies we served.

What We Do

We help companies with everything from top-level Strategic Planning to Product Innovation Creation to the Tactical Plans necessary to make these ideas become a reality for your business -- faster than you might ever have expected.

Our proprietary methodologies include our unique Business Ecosystems modeling approach as a critical starting point. Leveraging a combination of your own business team's hard-won industry knowledge with our own analytical and research skills, we provide a deep understanding of what will make your business thrive even in the toughest of market conditions.

Other steps include a detailed review of your current competitive state, desired trajectory, and potential; application of a value-chain approach to organizational effectiveness and product/service strategies; and integrated tactical planning. Along the way, we can help transform your approach to leading Strategic Innovation -- and your path to long-term future growth -- forever.



That has been our specialty -- for over 30 years.

Through a combination of proprietary tools, we first help you understand what makes your Business Environment thrive.

Then we lead you through a process that will take your company from producing products and services that are just "Good Enough" to running a business that is "Essential to Your Business Ecosystem".

Click here to learn more.

Our Latest Podcast:

Our latest podcast features
Dr. Karen Sobel-Lojeski, CEO of Virtual Distance International

In this podcast, learn about how companies can minimize the "Virtual Distance" between their employees -- and between them and their strategic partners.

Visit our article about "Virtual Distance" and listen into our podcast.

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