No truly innovative business can exist today
without a strong intellectual property strategy.

Unfortunately, figuring out what that strategy should be
can be as tricky as navigating the most complex of labyrinths.

You need to consider not only what inventions you need to protect
but also what others may come up with in the future that might threaten them. Like the rest of your business, your new idea needs room to grow,
and protection from the hazards of its environment.

At Stranova, we work with you to help match
your intellectual property strategy with your business strategy,
and plan a course of action.

We help you create patent family concepts,
analyze the competitive field of intellectual property
through a variety of research techniques, and even prepare
draft intellectual property documents to assist you further.

Because we are not lawyers, we cannot provide you with legal advice.
But what we can and do offer is the ability
to streamline the process
of aligning your business and IP strategies together,
and preparing draft materials
that should help your own intellectual property attorneys
and the overall patenting process move forward faster.

With 27 U.S. and worldwide patents granted to us
and extensive experience in managing intellectual property strategies,
we understand the importance of and process
in developing a strong approach to IP for modern business.

Stranova can help.

To learn more, contact us now at,

or call us at 1-408-849-4394.

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