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Biography & Background

Jenny Ward, the CEO and Founder of Playward, describes herself as a "Play Activist", who is committed to bringing play back into every part of our lives, and - through that - helping us transform ourselves into the "fully alive" playful and creative selves that we uniquely can bring to the world.

Ms. Ward received her Masters Degree from New York University in the fields of Theater and Dance. She brought the unique spirit you've heard in this week's podcast first into the public world through numerous appearances in Off-Broadway theater productions, television shows, and film in the New York City area. Both personally and professionally, she has made it a mission to "start a play revolution for people 35 and up", and bring play back into the world in a very big way. As she says in the biography on her own website, she wondered how it was that we have grown up with "playtime" such a small part of our lives as "grown-ups". And, with that, wondering not only how to raise our consciousness - and "ability" - to play as adults, but also how that might change every aspect of our lives into a more creative and joyful place.

And so, a few years ago, she founded Playward, dedicated to that mission of teaching us how to play - again - as adults. The client list she has attracted in turning this mission into a business is impressive, including clients as diverse as the YMCA California Corporate Offices, Wells Fargo, the New York City Chamber of Commerce, Mermaid Publishing, Cal-a-Vie Resort and Spa, and Merrill Lynch. She is also the author of two books on the subject of play: Who Said So? - Creating a Life 'Outside the Box' and 101 Ways to Play. She lives -- and plays -- in Palo Alto, California.

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Stranova Interview Series, Vol. 12,
Published January 16, 2006.

"Work and Play",
with Playward CEO Jenny Ward.

This episode of Stranova features guest Jenny Ward, CEO of Playward, on how her company brings "play" -- and creativity -- back into our Corporate Lives. There are two ways to explore this episode of Stranova: as an insight into how one unique entrepreneur has found a way to bring "play" back into what we normally think of as "work", and as a key to how something we all do -- and is "right in front of our face" -- just might be the path to your next new business.

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