In less than two years, Podcasting has moved
from being just an interesting idea
to a critical part of business.

It took a little longer with Blogging,
but the same thing’s true in this arena as well.

The big companies have discovered the power of communicating
using these tools on the intimate level of “micro”-casting
directly to their employees, their shareholders,
their existing customers, and future customers.

Smaller companies are also coming “online” as well,
and you can bet your competitors
are working on their own plans in this area.

It isn’t a black art, but there are many things to manage
when launching your podcast or blog, including structuring your podcasts,
selecting content that will continue to interest and attract new listeners,
and mastering how to create and manage the “RSS feeds”
that tell the internet world how to find you.

We at Stranova were one of the first to offer
a regular series of “serious” podcasts exploring the world of business,
and are now heard around the world on almost every continent.
(Every continent except Antarctica, which we’re working on,
but the penguins keep complaining that
the iPod batteries won’t hold up to the extreme winters.)

With this experience, our strategic background,
and over thirty years' leadership
in many different realms of computer technology,
we know we can help you move into
both podcasting and blogging in a big way,
and bring your message further out into the world than ever before.

Stranova can help.

To learn more, contact us now at,

or call us at 1-408-849-4394.

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