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Stranova Interview Series Vol. 28,
Published April 4, 2007.

"Collective IQ and Human Augmentation"
, with Doug Engelbart, Founder of the Bootstrap Institute.

Our latest podcast features Doug Engelbart, a visionary who has helped shape many of the major inventions of what we now think of as the internet as well as the early stages of computing, from early concepts of microelectronics to the invention of the computer mouse. In this podcast, learn how one man's lifelong passion to create a meaningful legacy of work that could benefit all mankind has provided the drive and the vision to take him to perhaps his most challenging innovations yet, the means by which we can harness our Collective Intelligence and realize his complex concept of vast human Augumentation.

Biography and Background

Doug Engelbart, our guest this week, began his technical career in working in radio (and radar) engineering when based in the Philippines with the U.S. Navy in World War II.

From these early beginnings he launched on a lifetime career of working to create something, as he said, to benefit mankind. Early on, he became fascinated with the idea of the computer, which he helped moved forward by suggesting novel ways to store information, create innovative concepts for what are now called shift registers, and using the concept of "scaling" to envision how entirely new and powerful technical properties might evolve with truly subminiature electronic devices would eventually come into existence.

At the same time as Mr. Engelbart continued his innovative development of computer subsystems, he also was developing what was to become a lifelong passion. That concept was the idea of linking human beings together, along with computers, to find a way to leverage our collective intelligence together on a grand scale. In a very much related creation, he also has continuously pursued the idea of what he has referred to as "Augmentation" of our human capacity.

He continues to innovate in this area to this very day, in his 82nd year, in the development of concepts and systems that, when connected together with our collective human brains and bodies, can raise our capacity to do virtually anything to a level at the very limits of our imagination.

Along the way in his widely varied career, Mr. Engelbart also found time to create and nuture some of the earliest concepts of how we interact with the vast power of the internet, to help create the initial concepts of hyperlinking, to develop some of the first modern computer Graphics User Interfaces, and even to invent the first computer mouse.

He is the inventor of 21 granted U.S. patents and has received numerous awards for his work in technology, including the prestigious National Medal of Technology, awarded to him by President Bill Clinton in the year 2000.

A true visionary, Mr. Engelbart continues his drive to help us truly learn how to leverage our collective IQ and to see "Augmentation" much closer to reality - for now and the far future - from his offices of the company he and his daughter founded, the Bootstrap Institute, and which is housed generously at no charge to him at Logitech, Inc.'s offices in Fremont, California.

We invite you to learn more about the Bootstrap Insitute, and to find ways to participate and help yourself, by visiting his website at:

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Computer Pioneer,
Visionary Thinker,
and Founder of
The Bootstrap Institute


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